Bourbon Kissed Pecans

These pecans are gorgeous, especially in candle light, on a wooden table. Since I’ve started this food blog, I have really appreciated this well worn, scrubbed down dining room table, it looks perfect with food in pictures. These pecans are good looking and tasting, making them perfect for a last minute present, just put them into a small jar and there’s your gift! My sister … Continue reading Bourbon Kissed Pecans

Triangles x3 + Fennel Apple Salad = Delicious

The original plan was just a pan of spanakopita, I was excited about that. The delicious spinach and feta concoction is one of my favorites. But then I looked on one of my favorite food blogs Smitten Kitchen for a recipe, that was when I found the multiple triangles, including spanakopita. Each type of pastry is a vegetable paired with one of my favorite cheeses. … Continue reading Triangles x3 + Fennel Apple Salad = Delicious

Spiced Caramel Chocolate Cake with Roasted Pear

This cake doesn’t look quite as perfect as the original that I found on the blog chasing delicious, but I think I did find delicious with this cake. It has a flavorful frosting that doesn’t even need chocolate, and the actual cake isn’t the main part of this cake, it is just a piece of a complex cake with many pieces that all work in … Continue reading Spiced Caramel Chocolate Cake with Roasted Pear