Strawberry Mascarpone Breakfast Sandwiches


These sandwiches are a delicious invention that my step dad made. It is really simple, but magnificent. The most important part of it is the strawberries. You basically just chop them and marinate them in basil and balsamic vinegar, then put it on a roll with spread with mascarpone cheese. It is the best treat that doesn’t even take much time to make. The only thing is, when you make them it has to be strawberry season. I made them this time because there was a big thing of strawberries on sale. Our original breakfast plan was asparagus with hollandaise sauce and fried eggs, and while that is delicious, I was in the mood for a fresh springy dish, seeing those strawberries made my day! But as I said, I can’t take credit for the invention… unfortunately. But I can still fall in love with them… Right? Anyways, these are hard to make wrong, and very beautiful, so if you aren’t the type of person who wants to spend time piping roses onto a cake, or shaping the perfect homemade cinnamon roll for your guests this morning, or if you just want to taste spring after a harsh winter, try these. They are perfect!



8 ounces mascarpone cheese (this is not exact!)

strawberries (also not exact)

¼ cup basil (still not exact)

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar (truly not exact)


2 tablespoons sugar (Do I even need to say it? it’s not exact.)

However many rolls there are people. (I use soft a softer sweeter roll, like challah)



As you can see, the recipe is not very exact, just an idea, it all really depends on how many you are making (I made 5) and how much mascarpone and strawberries you want in it as well as how much of an ingredient you have. To make the strawberries, slice the berries and chop the basil. Marinate with salt and sugar in balsamic vinegar. Slice the rolls in half and gut the bread by taking the insides out, if you would like, this is just if you don’t want quite so much bread. Spread mascarpone on each half of the rolls. Divide the strawberries onto to the rolls.


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