Five Days of Food

For the LAST full week of my freshman year I decided to make a little project for myself. I wanted to get my classmates and teachers to see my blog, and I wanted to spice up the last few days I have with my classes, so I decided to make this a crazy week, balancing school work and cooking all week. But it was worth it. And I made lots of simple and portable recipes, that are also good bake sale ideas. I brought in a baked good to each class, one for each day of the week, not including orchestra or gym, because those classes are ENORMOUS or else they are gym. Not exactly the class you would bring sugar to…


This week was tons of fun, and very busy. The last month or so of school I have been going through the motions but not really living the days. I got sick and tired of doing that and wanted to be able to tell the difference from one day to another, of course my first thought was food. I figured a different baked good each day would make it possible to differentiate the days. At least by peoples reactions to my food. People love food. And I love making It. That’s why I like people. Sometimes…

Spanish Class:  Apple Muffins


Math Class: Brownies  Lemon Bars (and no Mr. Agin, you don’t get to make yet another joke about my cooking skills because of this post.)


History: Browned Butter Chocolate chip cookies (learn about softened brown butter! It’s revolutionary.)


Biology: Cranberry Apple Bars


English: Gingerbread


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