Jicama Mango Orange Salad


I honestly hadn’t heard of Jicama before Callie, one of the co-chefs for the Birthday Surprise, showed me this recipe. I made it again for my family, and my whole family loved it, besides my brother, but he is beyond goofball and has gone on to crazy, so don’t listen to his harsh words.


Anyways, Jicama is a root vegetable, with an earthy but refreshing taste, it’s crunchy and full of juice and just all around delicious. I thought Jicama would be one of those exotic root vegetables with an unpleasing texture that can only be found at whole foods because they have that sort of thing, but when I was grocery shopping with my mom, we found it at a mexican store with an incomplete selection of food. So don’t give up hope.


The title of this dish pretty much says it all, but I will tell you step by step for clarification.


1 medium Jicama

2 large mangos

2 oranges

2 limes


Peel and dice the first 3 ingredients, for the orange, cut the skin off with a knife and dice the orange, the other two, use a peeler and a knife, you can figure it out. When everything is diced, squeeze the limes on top and add a pinch of salt. The original recipe had you boiling the jicama, but I tryed it without that step, and it worked just fine, and didn’t taste any different.

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