Black Forest Gateau Cake

This cake is something I had been eyeing for a very long time; it was slightly intimidating (the original cake looked far more professional)! It is the many (3) different amazing layers that make this cake special. First you have the perfectly fluffy and rich chocolate cake. Then there is the chocolate ganache spread over each layer. Then the cherry filling. And to top it … Continue reading Black Forest Gateau Cake

Basil, Galanga, and Lemongrass Coconut Ice cream

First I must get this off my chest, this ice cream is dairy free. Now that you know that, I’m sure some of you are like ‘read on!’ and others are totaly turned off by this idea of dairy free ice cream, as if I’m trying to fake ice cream by using coconut milk rather than cream and milk. But if you really know me, … Continue reading Basil, Galanga, and Lemongrass Coconut Ice cream

Browned Butter Rice Crispie Treats

You know it’s good when your mother, who despises both of the main ingredients, comes back for seconds, and then thirds. That’s browned butter for you, doing it’s magical deeds since…well who knows when. And we added sprinkles, to go along with the theme of the Birthday Surprise, it was cute, but totally unnecessary. Although I do recommend sprinkles with it if you are throwing … Continue reading Browned Butter Rice Crispie Treats

Avocado Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea, that delicious fruity shake with little tapioca balls you get when you go to china town. It’s a little treat you rarely have, because the everyday household doesn’t have the key ingredients, jumbo straws, and those big black tapioca balls that make the bubble tea super special! But the ingredients aren’t at  your local supermarket :(. Thats where Chicago comes in handy, with … Continue reading Avocado Bubble Tea