Avocado Bubble Tea


Bubble Tea, that delicious fruity shake with little tapioca balls you get when you go to china town. It’s a little treat you rarely have, because the everyday household doesn’t have the key ingredients, jumbo straws, and those big black tapioca balls that make the bubble tea super special! But the ingredients aren’t at  your local supermarket :(. Thats where Chicago comes in handy, with its many little asian grocery stores where, when you go, you have a blast looking at all the unique candies and drinks and ingredients that would never be in the Jewel Osco just down the street. And before you know it, you have picked out all the silliest stuff in the store and have a cart full of Mulberry Vinegar, A drink that claims to have basil seeds inside, but really they look like little eyeballs, and last but not least, tapioca balls, and plans for bubble tea.


It wasn’t until we were almost home that we realized, we forgot the jumbo straws that make bubble tea so fun to drink, so the next morning we hury  back to that Vietnamese market across town that we went to yesterday, to get the straws. Then we stop at the thrift store, because, well, it’s on the way home, and we find these fun milkshake glasses to put our bubble tea in, it was perfect!


We watched a video, and learned how to make the most flavorful and delicious bubbles, something I usually don’t think about when drinking bubble tea. But marinate them in the right stuff, and boy does it ever taste good!

With our beautiful, fresh avocados from the mexican store down the street (we are so lucky to have these wonderful stores nearby, what would I do without them? Its like the lake, How could you not live by the lake?!? I feel for you.) This “tea” is well on its way to perfection.


Warning: This Recipe is not the sort of thing you follow one hundred percent, it might take some adjusting to get it just right, so go crazy!

For the Bubbles:

1 cup tapioca balls

water to boil

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

galanga or ginger

lemongrass (optional)

In a med – large pot, boil the water, and add the tapioca balls. Cook for about 30 minutes until tapioca balls are completely black and very soft.

In the meantime boil the sugar, 1 cup water, galanga and or ginger, and lemongrass together in a medium pot. Once the sugar is dissolved, continue to boil for about five minutes so the flavors become very strong in the syrup.

After the tapioca is done cooking, strain it and rinse it with cold water to separate the tapioca balls. Then marinate in the syrup until you are ready to use them, so they can become very flavorful.

If you are still unsure of how to make these, watch this video, it may clear up this confusion.


For the avocado shake/smoothie:

(serves 6)

3 avacados

1 tray of ice

milk (as needed)

Blend the avocados, ice, some of the syrup made for the bubbles, or honey, and about a cup of milk in a blender. Add more milk and sweetener as needed. Pour over the tapioca bubbles in a tall glass and drink with a big bubble tea straw!


You now have the creamiest, thickest smoothest bestest avocado shake, with the most flavorful bubbles in the entire world!


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