Birthday Surprise

My friend, Sophie’s birthday was semi-recent. Sophie loves food, I love cooking for people, and she loves eating it! (and not in the sense of her being enormous, shes beautiful!) See?


Me and a couple of my closest friends had the most brilliant idea for a birthday present for her, I’ve always been the type of person who loves giving awesome thoughtful gifts, but of course those gifts aren’t for every birthday I come across, sometimes I’m at a loss for what to give, but not this time! If I don’t have anything to give someone, I just go to the thrift store and buy a bunch of goofy things, and bake something (people love that.)  But anyways, back to the point, my friends Callie, Caitlin, and I decided to make a huge birthday dinner and surprise her with it. And it was amazing!

These are the chefs. Caitlin on the left, Callie on the right, and me in the middle.


When Sophie walked onto her back patio with her mom covering her eyes, I made sure Caitlin had her camera at the ready, I knew the next few moments would be priceless.


The process of making this involved tons and tons of picture taking, lots of ingredients, and even more sprinkles then imaginable. And the secret ingredients of love and goofiness, a recipe isn’t good without goofiness… am I right or am I right?


So now here is the menu before I throw a ridiculous amount of pictures of my friends at you… watch out!


But first I must warn you, there’s a lot on the menu. We kept bringing more and more food out of hiding as the night went on, and in order to do that we needed to have a lot of this and that to bring out, so BEWARE! And you probably don’t need to make everything at once…

 OK, first course (namely dinner)

Snap Pea Ricotta Pasta

Sage Biscuits

Jicama Mango Orange Salad

Second Course (Dessert)

Funfetti Cake (this is where the sprinkles and ridiculous colors make their first appearance.)

Third Course (snacks)

Brown Butter Rice Krispie treats (with sprinkles)

Caramel Bacon Popcorn

And then there were earrings, and a chocolate bar as presents, because you gotta have presents… and a chick flick…

Now I will show you as many pictures as I feel is necessary…



She’s up to something!!!


As you can see, I had to be carried, no more energy…


The Childhood bliss of licking the mixer whisker. That is something I still enjoy!


And…she saw the cake!


Make a wish…


I took pictures as those two decided to carefully order the candles so they would be symmetrical on the cake. The order was abandoned as they began to actually put the candles onto the cake.


She looks like a serious baker!


And yes, there was a point when we began to pipe frosting into our mouths…


Our candles look like the cake, you can’t even tell which is which!


As you can very clearly see, we went a bit crazy, spending all that time in the kitchen.


But we went crazy together… 🙂


And we ate together… A lot…



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