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I thought I would go for a non food post today because you should really contemplate my too good to be true. I seriously mean it AMAZING Pad Thai. I think I did plenty enough loving on that last post so I will talk fall now. And just because I’m not doing a recipe doesn’t mean I won’t have a few pictures of food. You know how I am. It’s a bit of an obsession. But I will do my best. Ever since I got my new camera I have gotten so many pictures all bottled up and no one can see them (my Google drive literally ran out of space). So Pictures for you!



Yesterday I walked the CROP144 walk to stop hunger.  I took pictures… I walked with my friend Judith.



I think just about every blogger is blogging about fall right now, so I figured I should join them. But they are so right! Fall is awesome! Cozy sweaters, fun hats, leather boots, hot tea, pie! It is prime time for comfort food.

Untitled drawingDSC_0130


And my awesome friends make fall just that much better! I love you guys! Despite (or maybe because of) all your premeditated bird scaring.

733 (1)I love her dog sooo much, and he likes me…. it makes me happy. He is such a sweetheart. And they are smiling at each other 🙂




There is still gorgeous flowers at this time of year! I love roses!


I am already burnt out on school. The same thing everyday… and nothing to do with food. I have become very successful at tuning out the teacher, not exactly something I’m proud. I should really study more… but I’d rather read food blogs… and write them.

002 (1)

Another great thing about fall is all the cat cuddling oppurtunities. I can spend hours snuggling them while reading, food blogs or books.



I guess that’s it for today. I really liked making this! Maybe I’ll do more of these. I take so many pictures that I never post because they don’t relate. I hope you liked it! And just so you know, last night I promised myself I would post more.
So hold me to it!
I love you guys! Thanks so much for reading my blog! You make it worthwhile.
I was so surprised when I found I had as many followers as I do, I hadn’t checked in a while, I was like…


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