This year I didn’t make any substantial food for thanksgiving. It was all sweets. 3 pies, 2 ice creams, and yes, it was voluntary. And fun, aside from the fact that I got 4 hours of sleep one night and my cat was yelling at me the next. So not exactly the most restful vacation. But food! Right?


I started off the day by eating the most wonderful face I’ve ever had. It had a polenta smile!


Adorable! So cute, in fact, that it was nearly impossible to take a bite out of it because, well, I didn’t want to blind him. Poor guy. He’s dead now. And being digested. OK. Done now, but he was the best! You should recreate it! It was tasty, cute, and super easy, just fry everything (but not the arugula) and make a face!


We also talked to my sister, all the way from Senegal, she is there for a before she goes to college gap year. She is making a Thanksgiving dinner there too. She’s making the Date Cakes I posted a little while ago. She is doing well. At one point her host family gave her cornrows and she looked gorgeous!

My uncle and his kids came over for thanksgiving and the boys hung out in the hot tub. I took pictures… there are the twins, Andy and Abby they are 12 and they have a younger brother, Jack, who is 11, and LOVES being in front of the camera.


After my sister left for Senegal, my dad took her room as an office. But the office environment was soon disrupted by the giant inflatable hot tub that filled the entire room.







And after dessert we had a boisterous game of monkey in the middle. That’s my bud, Arnold. He wasn’t involved in the game.


And then came the goodbyes…..


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!



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