A little bit of ME

  Hello cooks, I am Ruby Tortuga, I am 15, a Sophomore in high school, and I live in Evanston IL.

I am aiming for Culinary school, and am using this blog to advance my skills for a better chance at my dreams of opening a fancy restaurant.

I have 2 siblings, I’m the middle child, exactly 3 years between me and my siblings. I have a younger brother, Izzy, and an older sister, Elston, both of whom drive me crazy, but I love them very dearly. I have two cats and two dogs, all of which are sweethearts, but I’m mostly a cat person! My parents are amazingly supportive of my food related virtues (partially because they love to eat).

Aside from food I am a High School student, I play the violin, and I love traveling and want to go anywhere and everywhere! I hate the cold, but love the food that goes along with it, and love the heat and all the food that goes along with it! Basically food is my life. I can’t wait to share it with you. Because food is so much better when it’s shared with EVERYONE!

  My initial thought for this blog was to find used cookbooks and make interesting dishes from them. It has proved to be difficult to find intriguing recipes in old cookbooks. I find modern cookbooks and food blogs a much more fascinating way to find interesting and unique recipes rather than your traditional meatloaf that I found in many older cookbooks.

Stay tuned for many recipes to come.

5 thoughts on “A little bit of ME

  1. Ruby! I’m so excited about what you’re doing. I love your blog and I look forward to seeing your even brighter future!
    -Ms. Bolden

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