Every good summer has to come with some sort of delicious frozen treat. This year I went crazy for homemade Popsicle!

These are some ideas of what to do with your Popsicle maker! I won’t give you the exact recipe, because, well nothing was very exact.

Hopefully you will be brave enough to experiment with your blender.

I will definitely update this page as I continue to make popsicles.



Untitled drawing-1

This Lovely Popsicle is made entirely of coconuts and mangoes, no extra sweetener, which is true to many of the popsicles on this page.

Untitled drawing-3


My mom and I went to the library parking lot and picked about a quart of mulberry’s for popsicles just freeze the mulberries and add mulberry or balsamic vinegar.

Apple Popsicles

Purely and simply freshly juiced  apples, nothing more.

Untitled drawing-2My family has been making this combination into breakfast sandwiches for years.


Untitled drawingJust blend and freeze a watermelon!


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